Putin comments on Trump’s announcement to withdraw US military from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described his US counterpart Donald Trump‘s decision to withdraw US military from Syria as a correct step, saying he does not understand exactly what this means.

Speaking with journalists during an annual Q&A session, Russia’s president said that American troops have no legal basis for operating in Syria, and if Washington was serious about pulling out its forces, it would be the right decision. Putin noted that the US has announced its “withdrawal” from Afghanistan on numerous occasions, and yet still remains the in country after seventeen years.

Concerning the pullout of US troops [from Syria], I don’t know what that is. The US has been in Afghanistan for 17 years already, and almost every year they say that they’re pulling their troops out. But they’re still present there.

“We don’t see any signs of US military’ pullout, but we don’t rule out the possibility. All the more so because we’re going the way of a political solution,” Putin added.

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