Breaking: Russia release official statement on Kerch Strait clash, confirm casualties

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has released its first official statement on the clash that took place between Russian forces and Ukrainian military ships in the Kerch Strait area of the Black Sea on Sunday afternoon.

The statement confirmed earlier reports by the Ukrainian Navy that three Ukrainian military ships had been “impounded” by Russian forces due to their violation of Russia’s “[sea] border” in the Kerch Strait area.

Also confirmed in the statement were that casualties had occurred in the clash, this being three Ukrainian “soldiers” who were wounded and are, according to the FSB’s press release, now receiving medical treatment.

The statement provides no details as to how the Ukrainian ships came to be impounded or how exactly the three injured Ukrainian servicemen came to be wounded.

NATO too has released a statement on the incident, calling for “restraint” and “de-escalation”, affirming its support for Ukrainian sovereignty.

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More details to follow.

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