Watch: Russian Su-25 jets, Ka-52 attack helicopters patrol skies over Kerch Strait (Videos)

Russian sea and special forces clashed with Ukrainian military ships on Sunday afternoon after the latter violated a no-go zone imposed by Russia in the strategic Kerch Strait area of the Black Sea.

The full extent of the clash is still unclear, however, according to an official statement the Ukrainian Navy, the show-down resulted in the neutralization and capture of two Ukrainian “armored artillery” ships and military tugboat by Russian forces; furthermore, two Ukrainian sailors were reportedly injured.

Amid heightened tensions in the eastern Black Sea, additional Russian forces have been called-in to lock-down key sea and airspace areas. It appears that for the time being, Russia may want to prevent any further commercial or military sea traffic through the strait.

Spotted amid the Russian reinforcements was two pairs of Su-25 warplanes and at least one Ka-52 attack helicopter. The air force assets were all located in the area of the Kerch Bridge.

The Russian military posses major air and naval bases on both Crimea and in the Kuban region; forces from these installations will like all be on high-alert at the present time and may be called upon to secure the Kerch Strait.

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