Video: YPG missile obliterates Turkish-backed forces in Syria

Amid an ongoing low-level insurgency by the Kurdish YPG against Turkish-backed militants in northern Syria, a Kurdish tank hunter team recently scored a direct hit on Ankara-vetted proxy forces using a guided missile.

The YPG Press Office released video evidence of the attack on Turkish-backed forces. According to the sound made by the missile upon firing and the missile’s flight characteristics, it appears to have been a Russian-built Konkurs system.

The attack is reported by the YPG Press Office to have taken place near the rebel-held city of Afrin. The results of the explosion are unclear, however it appears that a militant truck was destroyed and at least one fighter either killed or wounded.

The Kurdish YPG lost control of Afrin and its surrounding countryside in late March of this year to Turkish-led forces.

In the months that have followed, the Kurdish group has waged a low-level insurgency against Ankara-backed militants, taking out groups of fighters and military vehicles through opportunistic hit-and-run attacks.

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