Syrian Army deploys tanks to Kurdish YPG-held airbase in north Aleppo (VIDEO)

The Syrian Army has send major reinforcements to northern Aleppo province in order to bolster its defenses against Turkish-led rebel forces.

According to early reports, the Syrian Army reinforcements are bound for the town of Tel Riffat and Minaq Air Base which are both front-line areas opposite areas held by Turkish-led rebel groups.

Despite still being shown by many maps as being under Kurdish YPG control, Tel Riffat has effectively been under the joint control of the Syrian Army’s Republican Guard and Russian military police since at least February of this year; Minaq for its part under the joint control of the YPG and Russian military police since February.

The video of the reinforcements clearly shows tanks and BMPs, indicating that the Syrian Army seriously intends to lock-down key areas in north Aleppo.

The exact reason for the Syrian Army reinforcement is unclear and comes amid two separate escalations – first, the obvious failure of the Idlib de-escalation agreement and, second, very real threats by Turkey regarding the launch of an operation to clear the Syrian Democratic Forces (which the YPG is a major element of) east of the Euphrates River.

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