Can the US military repel Iranian ballistic missiles ?

Concerns are growing in the Unites States as to the possible Iranian reactions to the economic and diplomatic pressure excreted by the Trump administration.

According to the Washington Post, the US military has reduced its presence in the Middle East, which will eventually affect the ability to react to Iranian threats as a potential confrontation between the two states are increasingly growing.

Military sources believe that in case of any military confrontation, Iran will most probably rely on its advanced ballistic missiles or even close the strategic Strait of Hormuz

The Trump administration has pulled out from the Iranian nuclear deal in order to eliminate the ‘Iranian menace’ (as put by National Security Adviser John Bolton) in Syrian and the entire region.

In March, the USS Theodore Roosevelt returned to the pacific after spending months in the Gulf, marking the longest period in years with no US aircraft carriers in the Middle East.

Iran has repeatedly threatened to shut down the strategic Strait of Hormuz – and eventually blocking the main oil shipping route – if the United States conducts any military actions against its territories.

The Islamic Republic has demonstrated the power of its ballistic missiles when it hit the Islamic State in eastern Syria just 5 km away from the positions of US military.

And since Washington has pulled out four Patriot missiles batteries from the region, the US administration do not feel ‘confident in their ability to repel Iran’s ballistic missiles.

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