Iran IRGC releases aftermath pictures for ISIS demolished sites in Deir Ezzor

Iran ‘s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) forces published pictures where the ballistic missiles landed and the combat drones bombed in east of the Euphrates in Syria.

IRGC air-force commander Brigadier Haji Zadeh, said in a statement that the area of ​​East Euphrates and ISIS headquarters are fully supported by US and enjoys a special location, bordered to the west by a natural barrier, the Euphrates River with the air cover from the US-led coalition air-forces.

At the early morning of Monday, Iran based media reported heavy missile attack claimed targeting ISIS positions in eastern Syria, publishing photos and videos.

Iranian media posted several videos featuring moment of launching long-rang surface to surface ballistic missiles fired from Kermanshah province in western the country, near Iraqi border.

Following the missile attack, the IRGC conducted concentrated airstrikes using battle drones on ISIL pocket in eastern Euphrates.


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