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A missile from Gaza destroys Israeli military bus (Video)

A video has surfaced online showing an Israeli military bus being hit with an anti-tank missile near the Gaza border. The attack happened during a rapid escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas.

The video, published Monday, begins with a long white bus parked behind the trees. Reportedly dozens of soldiers had just disembarked. Several figures can be seen standing behind the two white SUVs nearby.

The bus starts moving, and, once it gets out in the open, it is suddenly hit with what the IDF described as a guided anti-tank missile.


The vehicle blows up instantly and is covered by black smoke, with a few pieces seen flying high in the air. The remains of the bus are quickly engulfed in flames.

A 19-year-old Israeli soldier was “severely injured” during the attack, the army reported.

The incident happened during the most recent exchange of strikes between Hamas and Israel. Around 370 rockets were launched into Israel from Gaza, 100 of which were intercepted mid-air.

In return, Israeli fighter jets bombed over 70 targets in Gaza, while the army conducted a commando raid across the border.

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