Russia Blames Israel For Gaza Violence

 Russia has joined in on condemning Israel for Gaza violence, following a covert Israeli assassination mission.

Russia, Jordan and an Egyptian Delegation, have all declared that Israel is responsible for the violence in Gaza. The Russian condemnation comes after an Egyptian delegation to Gaza, set up with the purpose of creating a ceasefire, place the blame on Israel for starting the violence.

More than 10 Palestinians are dead, as a result of Israeli airstrikes and violent attacks. 50 Israelis have allegedly been injured, by Hamas rocket fire, although the large majority of the injuries are panic attacks.

It is claimed by the Israeli Military, that 80 targeted strikes have been launched against Gaza. Hamas claim that over 300 rockets have been fired into Israeli held territory.

Israel bombed the ‘Al-Aqsa TV’ Palestinian media building, in Gaza, also recently striking and destroying the Al-Amal Hotel (Gaza City).

Updated statistics on the dead are not yet available, although the Palestinian Ministry of Health puts the number at 10, within around 24 hrs.

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