US military disabled Russian signaling devices in Syria for the first time

The United Sates military has disabled the Russian signaling devices for the first time in Syria”  Alexander Sitnikov, wrote in Svobodnaya Pressa, on a report explaining the ways to counter Putin’s threats to the US military.

“The Pentagon prefers to keep the details of its confrontation with Russian means of electronic warfare secret,” the article said. At times, some retired US generals are praising our electronic systems as the best in the world, even though they still consider the US military the strongest on the planet.” Sitnikov wrote.

“What kind of American power can be spoken, if almost all of its weapons are connected to satellite communications, GPS, mobile Internet, and electronic warfare devices, and as is known these connections can be easily disabled. Yet Americans are confident in their power.”

“It is quite natural that Syria, torn by the seven-year war, has become the main field of the indirect battle between new types of American and Russian weapons, including electronic warfare.” Sitnikov added.

The DARPA report, published recently by the Advanced Defense Research Projects Agency, on the implementation of a $ 9.6 million contract, received a special attention from military experts and journalists. Interestingly, the funds were allocated to provide US forces, in Syria and Iraq, with alternative communications systems capable of operating under strong electronic radio interference conditions.

Worth-notable that DARPA contracts are executed under special confidentiality conditions. The infusion, it seems, has been a mistake. As soon as the report was published in the network, the Washington edition of the Monitor turned to the US Army General Paul Funk, who led, until June, coalition forces in the war against the Islamic state group.

The Monitor noted that “General Funk was surprised and said he was hearing it for the first time“. Thus, it is possible to talk about the new DARPA innovations that have emerged recently with US forces.

While the media abroad wrote a year ago about the systems of our electronic warfare, “these systems are not as scary as they are portrayed, they are even more frightening,” and now they talk a lot about the constant search for new solutions. That both the Russian and American armies are testing each other regularly, looking for weaknesses.

Translated by Muraselon

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