SHOCKING VIDEO: Syrian rebel executes his sister ruthlessly in northern Syria

Syrian rebel militant has been emerged in a video footage executing his sister in shame killing crime in Jarablus city of northern Aleppo province.

Firing almost 3 magazines from his Kalashnikov rifle, the Syrian rebel fighter shot dead his sister in their home’s backyard brutally, according to a video published by opposition media.

In the details monitored by Muraselon, the so-called “Rasha Bassis” had sex with a Turkish officer in one of the camps in Jarablus, after-that nude photos of her were published on social media, prompting her brother ” Bashar Bassis ” to kill her on the pretext of “dishonor”.

The Turkish-backed opposition has many cases of moral corruption, most recently the arrest of a group of Turkish officers in Afrin by opposition fighters after being found in a brothel in the city.

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