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Turkey did its part in Idlib deal as sources expect military action

Idlib deal was concluded by The Russian president Putin and his counterpart the Turkish Erdogan last month to establish a demilitarized zone between 15 and 20 kilometres wide ringing the province and patrolled by Turkish troops and Russian military police. In addition to this, “radical elements” are to be removed from the area by 15 October and two key highways running through Idleb reopened by the end of the year.

Turkey has warned all rebel factions in Idlib that they must withdraw from the demilitarized zone approved by the Sochi agreement and that it will not defend anyone who refuses to withdraw, the al-Watan newspaper  reported.

According to the “al-Watan”, opposition sources said that Turkish officials confirmed that Turkey is continuing to implement the terms of the Sochi agreement.


According to the sources, Turkish intelligence has sent letters to all its factions, especially the National Liberation Front (NLF), as well as al-Qaeda terrorist organizations such as the “Hurras Al-Deen”, also Turkey will not defend anyone who does not abide by the terms of the Sochi Agreement, as all factions must withdraw from the “demilitarized zone” by 15th this month.

The sources added that the messages were clear and Turkey has more important military issues than Idlib deal, especially east of the Euphrates, which poses a threat to the Turkish national security.

The sources pointed out that terrorist groups defected from the “Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham” are not militarily considerable, and expected not to withdraw only by a military operation of the Syrian army propelled by the Russian air force.

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