Moscow threatens to down US planes operating drones in Syria

Moscow: Vladimir Shamanov; Chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma, said on Tuesday that his country would shoot down any drone-guided reconnaissance plane if Russian sites in Syria were at risk.

We have issued statements on our part that a US reconnaissance plane directed the drones that attacked our bases,” Shamanov told Interfax. I do not rule out that this will give us the next time, the right to hit these reconnaissance planes. ”

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said last week that a US Poseidon-8 reconnaissance aircraft coordinated an attack on the Hameimim air base in Syria in January.

Shamanov stressed that “the Russian information are reliable and accurate, expressing his “astonishment at this unacceptable and immoral work,” considering it “in violation of international law.”

It should be noted that the Russian MoD announced previously to drop and intercept 13 drones, that were targeting the bases of Hameimim and the Russian naval Tartus in northwestern Syria.

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