ISIS terrorist buries himself alive in dust fleeing from Iraqi forces [VIDEO]

On Monday, the Iraqi Federal Police Command published a video showing the moment ISIS terrorist (Sabah Hatem Suleiman) being arrested in the district of Hawija.

Based on accurate intelligence that one of the wanted terrorists is hiding in the village of Al-Qahhara in the province of Hawija, a force of federal police backed by security forces managed to capture the terrorist of Sabah Hatem Sulaiman inside a tunnel.”  The Federal Police Command said in a statement on its official website in Facebook.

The video below was published by the official Iraqi federal police Facebook outlet.

Worth-mentioning that Iraq announced the full liberation of its entire territory from the grip of “Da’ash” organization in December 2017. At the meantime, the Iraqi forces are launching operations from time to time to eliminate ISIS remnants in northern Iraq.

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