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Syrian army hammers ISIS, scores new advance in South Syria

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (2:00P.M.) –The Syrian Arab Army resumed their military operation against ISIS in East Suwydah countryside, where Daesh last presence in south Syria located.

Syrian army artillery & missile unit’s heavy pounded ISIS positions, fortifications & movements inside Talloul Safah, propelling SAA troops to score new advance in north-west axis of Safah region.

At least, 15 IS fighters were killed during  clashes while Syrian army suffered more than 20 injuries.

At same time, reinforcements continue to arrive in the area.where hundreds of formal FSA rebels who reconciled with the government & joined Syrian army ranks have arrived in the region to assist  SAA units in the ongoing battle.


So far, more than 356 ISIS fighters killed in East Suwydah countryside in battle against the Syrian army in the last 80 days

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