Recent footage of Syrian Army battling ISIS in eastern Sweida [video]

The Syrian Armed Forces continue their operations in the rocky terrains area of “Tulul Al-Safa”, combating the extremist group of the Islamic state (ISIS) in the northeastern countryside of Al-Sweida.

The war media team published a fresh combat footage, shows heavy Syrian units engaging with heavy firing the terrorists of the so-called ISIL group.

Face-to-face clashes were also took place in the volcanic area of Al-Safa plateau, as the video shows close engagement between a Syrian soldier and an ISIS militant at 01:11.

Moreover, The Syrian troops ambushed a group of terrorists who were attempting to smuggle supplies into the ISIL-held pocket in al-Safa. As a result of the ambush, three terrorists were killed and a truck was destroyed.

Tulul Al-Safa – which is mostly under ISIS control – is a volcanic plateau, the more Army advances towards it, the more difficult its terrains gets.

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