More Bodies of US Airstrike Victims Discovered in Northeastern Syria

Bodies of more civilians killed in the US Airstrike were found in Raqqa city, local sources reported on Monday.

Raqqa Civil Team found a sum of 6 bodies of the civilians, including a child, killed in the US air raids in al-Badou district in Raqqa city.

In the meantime, four more bodies of victims of the US air attacks were found near Hamidah school in the Western part of Raqqa city.

Local sources in Raqqa reported last week that 9 more bodies of civilians killed in the US-led coalition attacks were found in al-Jamili district in Raqqa city.

Meantime, the Kurdish-language Hawar news quoted an official source in Raqqa civil council team as saying that the corpses of over 2,600 people, mostly women and children, have been unearthed in al-Rashid stadium, the city zoo, al-Qadim great mosque and al-Badou district since the liberation of Raqqa last October who were mostly buried by the ISIL in mass-graves.

The bodies of civilians killed in the US airstrikes and the ISIL assaults are every day discovered in mass-graves and under the ruins of buildings in different parts of Raqqa.