Russian battleships, cargo ships arrive in Syria’s Tartous prior to Idlib offensive

Russian battleships were sent to the Syrian port of Tartous, equipped with Kalbir missiles, in addition to several cargo ships carrying Russian equipment and weapons, as the Syrian Army mobilizing for its wide-scale offensive.

Activists on social media monitored five Russian naval vessels within the past 48 hours passing the Turkish Bosphorus strait towards Syria, including cargo ships carrying weapons and military equipment for the Syrian army, and other Russian frigates armed with Kalbir missiles.

In the meantime, The Syrian army continues to mobilize its forces to start the battle of Idlib. Recently, large forces belonging to the 4th division have arrived in areas in the Latakia countryside bordering the south-western countryside of Idlib.

On Tuesday, the United States, France and Britain issued a joint statement stressing their “concern at the potential for further, and illegal, use of chemical weapons.”

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