Syrian Army deploys troops to frontline with Idlib (VIDEO)

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) sent reinforcements to the frontline with militant-held areas in Idlib province in north-western Syria on Friday.

Footage shows troops belonging to the 4th division of the SAA climbing aboard pick-up trucks and moving tanks and artillery through Al-Jayyid, Hama, on Saturday.

According to reports, the Syrian army is sending soldiers to three frontline areas which share borders with the last major militant stronghold of Idlib, namely the central province of Hama, the coastal province of Latakia and the southern part of Idlib itself.

Talk of an assault on Idlib was the source of a growing diplomatic spat this week.

On Tuesday, the United States, France and Britain issued a joint statement stressing their “concern at the potential for further, and illegal, use of chemical weapons.”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry hit back the following day, condemning the remarks as a “threat” against Damascus. While the Russian Ministry of Defence released its own statement accusing militants of planning a fresh chemical attack, which could be used by Western powers as a pretext to launch airstrikes on Syria



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