VIDEO: Syrian forces drive ISIS out from several areas in western Daraa

The Syrian troops – spearheaded by Tiger Forces – continue their onslaught in western Daraa province, squeezing on ISIS jihadists in the raging Al-Yarmouk basin.

Aftermath footage released by ANNA news agency, feature Syrian troops inside the recently liberated town of “Saida”, after kicking out the ISIL terrorists.

The video includes pictures of captured vehicles belong to the UNDOF forces that were used by ISIS and other Al-Qaeda-linked groups for years.

ANNA also published a similar footage emerges fierce battles conducted by the Syrian army’s strike force against ISIS in the north-western countryside of Deraa, which led to the liberation of “Ghadir al-Bustan, Al-Mala’a, Umm al-Luqas, al-Bassa,” villages.

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