Map: Syrian forces control the bordering areas with Occupied Golan Heights

Almost 29 villages, hamlets and hilltops returned to the government control after accepting the terms of surrender by the rebel groups operating along the borders with the Occupied Golan Heights.

Following a series of successful military operations in the southern provinces of Daraa and Al-Qunaitra, the Syrian Army managed to succumb the Islamist militants in the bordering sector, forcing them to surrender.

Also, the rebel groups in the areas of “Muzayrib” and “Yadouda” in rural Daraa continued to hand over their weapons to the Syrian army, including 7 tanks, 3 armored vehicles and various equipment.

Meanwhile, the reconciliation process continues in the region, evacuating the militants into Idlib and settling the statuses of those who want to stay in the government-held territories .

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