'Illegal Presence': US must pull its forces out of al-Tanf Base – Syrian FM

During a Saturday press conference in Damascus, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem described the US military presence in the country as illegal, insisting that the American forces should leave the region.
Speaking with reporters, Muallem linked talks on the future of the country’s southern region with the US’ withdrawal from its base in al-Tanf, established in 2016.

You should not believe the statements made about the agreement on Syria’s south as long as the US forces have not withdrawn from al-Tanf,” he said.

The foreign minister also dismissed the reports of Iranian bases and forces allegedly deployed in Syria.

Iran’s presence does not exist in a military manner on the ground in Syria — these are tales told by Israel. Iran’s presence is legitimate as it is based on the request of the Syrian government, unlike the presence of the United States,” Muallem stressed.

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