WATCH: Syrian troops conduct behind-enemy-lines operation against HTS in Idlib

The Syrian army units were able to carry out a qualitative operation against the Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) in the southern Idlib countryside, by penetrating throughout the enemy-lines and detonating a headquarter.
Military sources reported on Monday that “in coordination with Abu Adduhur town’s locals, the Syrian units received all required information to carry out a well-planed operation by blowing up a terrorist position. however, a weapon depot was exploded as dozens of militants were killed and injured.”
The video shows number of Army forces infiltrating towards a HTS headquarter located near of Tal al-Sultan north-west of Abu Adduhur airbase, planting mines and improvised explosive devices, then completely destroyed.
Massive explosion occurred following the swift operation, some of the opposition media reported an earthquake and others said it is an Israeli airstrike, before finding out what is the real reason behind” Syrian officer told Muraselon.
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