Daraa Map Update: Syrian Army liberates Brigade 52, several villages in east Daraa countryside

The Syrian forces have managed to recapture Brigade 52 base along with numerous villages located in the eastern countryside of Daraa after fierce battles with militants.
According to a military source, towns of Maliha Sharqiyah, Maliha Ghabiyah and Rakhm – all located southeast of Hirak town – fell to the Syrian Army’s control following ferocious clashes with rebel fighters.
The source added that Army units are marching on to besiege militants in Hirak and Alma towns, along with the surrounding Air Defense Battalions.
This comes as part of a wider objective to create a buffer zone between east Daraa and west Sweida.
Meanwhile in the provincial capital, the Syrian Army is shelling rebel positions in the eastern parts with heavy artillery and rockets, as well as precise airstrikes.
In a related context, hundreds of civilians in Ibta’ and Da’el towns took the streets, appealing government troops to free them from rebel groups controlling their towns.
Following the East Ghouta scenario, militants in Ghara Gharbiyah town attacked civilians for raising the Syrian flag and demanding militants to surrender the town.

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