WATCH: Ahrar Al-Sham collaborates with Russia in bombing HTS in Idlib – Russian media

Ahrar Al-Sham; major rebel faction operating in Idlib and some parts of Aleppo, cooperates with the Russians to bomb the Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib“, under this title, the Russian agency “RusVesna” reported as per its sources in the Russian forces.
The agency cited that “the Ahrar Al-Sham militants provided intelligence to the Russian aerospace forces  on the activities of the (HTS) in the countryside Idlib, to be bombed by warplanes later.”
According to the video description, the information provided by Ahrar Al-Sham to the Russians included the coordinates of headquarters, IEDs plants, and mortar shells depots which are affiliated to HTS.
After checking the coordinates by reconnaissance planes, the Russian air-crafts carried out precision air strikes in which they managed to destroy the buildings emerged at the video.
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