Graphic+19: HTS raids pro-ISIS base in Idlib, scores killed and captured alive

Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) continues its security operations in the Idlib province against cells belonging to the “Islamic State” organization, which are spread out mainly along borders with Turkey.
The HTS agency of “Ebaa” released several pictures of dead bodies saying that “they are ISIS militants, after raiding their camp in the city of Selqin in Idlib countryside.”
The photos show a close-quarter clashes resulted in taking control over the entire ISIS base, seizing an amount of ammo.

According to Ebaa, four ISIS militants were captured alive, publishing photos of them.
Ebaa also quoted a senior commander saying that “at least 25 fighters were holed up inside that camp in Kafr hind village in western Idlib province.”
Idlib and its countryside witness a state of chaos and dozens of assassination attempts, in which dozens were killed, including militants, civilians and doctors.
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