Tiger Forces heavy machine-guns platoons heading to southern Syria for massive offensive

With all eyes on southern Syria, the Syrian general command has shifted focus to the last militants stronghold of Daraa and Al-Qunaitrah provinces, deploying – recently – the Tiger Forces heavy machine-guns platoons.
The platoons that fought in several front-lines across the war-torn country, have been deployed along with hundreds of infantrymen of the elite Tiger Forces group towards southern Syria.
The photos released on social media feature a Syrian soldier taking selfies with his companions before pouring into the last battle. however, dozens of technical vehicles with 23-mm machine-guns mounted on them, were also spotted.

On the political speaking, Moscow said that Russia, the US and Jordan have agreed to hold a meeting in a de-escalation zone they jointly declared last year in southern Syria.
Private information delivered to Muraselon indicate that the Russian and Syrian side gave Daraa militants a deadline of 15 days to surrender then evacuated into Idlib or facing massive military operation.
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