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Russian Su-57 jet fighter launches pink missile in Syria (VIDEO)

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shweigo announced that the Russian air force tested a new missile in February and was launched by the Russian Su-57 fighter.
According to information from Russian experts, the missile tested by fifth-generation fighter is the mobile rocket “X-59MK2”
The Russian Ministry of Defense published a short scene features the moment of the missile being fired from the Russian Sukhoi 57.
The X-59MK2 is a Russian TV-guided cruise missile with a two-stage solid-fuel propulsion system and 200 km range.

The range of the X-50 is more than 1,500 kilometers. It is 6 meters long and weighs 1,600 kilograms. The X-50 rocket flies at a speed of 700 kilometers per hour and can use up to speed 950 kilometers per hour.
The S-57 is part of the fifth generation of newer fighter jets. Yuri Slossar, the head of the Russian air industry operator OAKA, said in a televised interview two days ago that two Su-57 planes carried out combat missions in Syria in February, saying they had completed the tasks.

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