New Russian Hyper sonic Missiles will be the Main threat to U.S. Warships (VIDEO)

The Russian hyper sonic missiles system ‘Dagger’ can be considered the main “killer of aircraft carriers in the Pacific region; these weapons can make the US fleet defenseless and help Moscow and Beijing reduce the military presence of the West in the Asia-Pacific region (APR),” a columnist for The Diplomat magazine claimed.
According to this columnist, the U.S. was most afraid of the Chinese anti-ship medium-range ballistic missiles “Dongfeng-21D” (DF-21D), the expert said
Shells of this type could destroy an American aircraft carrier from a distance of up to 1,400 kilometers from the coastline of China, which greatly expanded the capabilities of Beijing to patrol the South China Sea.
The US Navy acknowledged its inability to defend itself against the DF-21D, and this made Washington more restrained.
“The DF-21D is a unique and outstanding weapon, but from 2018, the main threat to US warships in the APR will be new Russian hyper-sonic missiles,” The Diplomat article claimed.
The author also compared the ‘Dagger’ with the anti-ship missiles ‘BrahMos’, as the shells of the last platform are designed to engage large enemy ships.
The expert came to the conclusion that the Dagger was capable of destroying even the largest enemy ship from a distance of up to 2,000 kilometers with one blow.
The US military leadership has repeatedly voiced fears that Washington does not yet have the capacity to intercept hyper-sonic missiles.
In particular, during the hearings of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the head of the Strategic Command of the Pentagon, General John Hayten, pointed out the problems of US missile defense systems; thus, according to the New York Times, in 2017 in Saudi Arabia, the Patriot missile system was unable to intercept even the tactical ballistic missile R-11 (Scud).
“This means serious consequences not only for the territory of the United States, but also for the Navy, whose aircraft carriers and destroyers in the event of a conflict may be under water after the Daggers strike,” the article reads.
If the MiG-31 aircraft with the newest hyper-sonic missiles are in the Far East, the Russian Air Force will be able to attack American warships from a distance of 3,500 kilometers from the sea borders.