Picture+18: Russian-made ATGM blows up militants vehicle into smithereens in Lattakia

Military sources in the countryside of Lattakia told Muraselon that the Syrian army units targeted a car carrying a number of militants via the new “Russian cornet” rocket in the axes of Dama and Kensba, and was able to destroy the car completely, on a distance of 7.5 km, according to sources.
Opposition sources published a picture of the destroyed vehicle filled with the militants’ dead bodies who belong to “Faylaq Al-Sham” rebel faction.

The rebel sources cited that “the five elements of the “Faylaq Al-Sham” were immediately killed after the Syrian army targeted their vehicle while patrolling the front-lines in Al-Turkman mountains”
The militants of “Jaish Al-Izzah” in Hama complained of the new Russian guided missiles, which have the ability to destroy armored vehicles from a distance of up to 12 km, which weren’t used before during the Syrian war.
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