New Russian Kalibr cruise missile-capable corvette heads for sailing tests (VIDEO)

Cutting-edge corvette ‘Uragan’ has been deployed to Lake Ladoga for tests before joining Russia’s Baltic Fleet. The ship will boast Kalibr and Onyx missiles, as well as modern electronic equipment.
The ‘Uragan’ corvette has been towed to Lake Ladoga from the Pella shipyard in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday. The vessel then proceeded to the sailing tests on its own.

The ship will undergo a full set of checks during its deployment to Lake Ladoga, which will involve thorough tests of its survivability systems, the Defense Ministry said. The ship was launched last July and has been receiving final factory tuning at the Pella shipyard on the Neva river since then. Specialists from the shipyard will be present abroad the ship alongside its crew during the tests on the Ladoga.
‘Uragan’ is the maiden vessel of the new project 22800 Karakurt-class missile corvettes. It can be fitted with Kalibr cruise missiles or Onyx anti-ship missiles, while it also has modern artillery systems. Future corvettes in the series are also expected to receive Pantsir-M anti-aircraft defenses.
The new ships are seen as successors to the Buyan-class corvettes line, boasting higher maneuverability and better seafaring characteristics. The new corvette series also has cutting-edge electronic equipment, as well as improved architecture of the hull and superstructure, designed to provide low radar visibility.