First seen footage of Hezbollah fighters battling rebels in Syria's Al-Qusair

The war media team of Hezbollah faction, has released a battleground video footage shows its fighters engaging with heavy clashes in the bordering area of Al-Qusair in Southwest Homs countryside.
On 19th of May in 2013, the fighters of Hezbollah initiated a swift offensive in coordination with the government troops, to liberate the strategic town of Al_Qusair from smugglers and western-backed rebels
Within 18 days of fighting, the Lebanese fighters had succeeded in driving out the rebels from Al-Qusair, killing scores of militants and eliminating the Al-Qaeda linked “Al-Farouk battalion” that considered as the heart of Al-Qaeda, according to Hezbollah media
On the 5th of June in 2013, the large-scale operation led by Syrian Army and Hezbollah was achieved its goal as Al-Qusair is completely liberated

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