"Daraa will be your graveyard", rebel commanders vow government troops

The so-called “Free Syrian Army” leaders have threatened the Syrian forces by turning the area into a “graveyard” if they launched a military operation in Daraa province.
There has been a lot of rumors lately that the Syrian forces and its allies are mobilizing massive military action in the southern region,” Abu Omar al-Zaghloul, commander of the “Furqat Awsoud Al-Sunnah”, said in a statement on Thursday (May 24th).
He vowed that “the land of Horan will be the graveyard of anyone begs himself to desecrate its pure land.” He asked the opposition activists to pay attention to what the government might instigate, and verify any news, source and accuracy.
Mocking the government troops, Abu Qusai a commander in “Al-Bunian Al-Marsous” said via social media that  “We do not wish to meet the enemy, but if it happens, and God knows best, your security branches will be planted with potatoes and radishes.”
For his part, the senior commander in the movement of “Ahrar Al Sham”, Abu Thabit al-Kafri, demanded all rebel groups, especially factions of the Eastern region, to be combined under one command.
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