VIDEO: Major rebel group hands over heavy weapons to government in northern Damascus

On Tuesday evening, the Syrian army received heavy, medium weapons and military equipment from the “Jaish Al-Islam” (Army of Islam) militants in Al-Dumair city in east Qalamoun, acting under the newly concluded agreement between rebels and the government forces.
The Syrian state Tv published a video showing a number of armored vehicles, BMP vehicles, various weapons, mortar launchers and several ammunition boxes handed over to the Syrian army by the rebels.
Earlier on Tuesday, SANA announced the start of the agreement to withdraw 1000 militants from the city to northern Syria, as well as to settle the conditions of those who wish to remain. Sixty of them decided to settle their situations after pledging not to disturb the security and peace in the country.
The agreement brings terrorists out of the town of Al-Dumair, three days after the last group of Jaysh al-Islam left the city of Douma to “Jarablus”, where later the Internal Security Forces entered to the city to strengthen security and stability.
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