US military discussing sending additional troops to Syria: Report

A new report adds more confusion over Washington’s military role in Syria, saying the US military has been working on plans to dispatch dozens of additional troops to northern Syria only after President Donald Trump talked of a pullout from the Arab state in the near future.
Citing several US defense and administration officials, CNN reported Monday that the plans have been under discussion for several days and were first considered before Trump’s remarks last week that the US would “be coming out of Syria like very soon.”
A National Security Council meeting is set for Tuesday to discuss the administration’s purported fight against Daesh in Syria as well as the presence of around 2,000 US forces in Syria.
Trump’s surprise withdrawal comments on March 29 ran contrary to remarks by his administration officials, including secretaries of state and defense, who had earlier said American forces should remain on Syrian soil for the foreseeable future.
Hours earlier, chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana White had stressed the need for American forces to stay in Syria, where Washington claims is supporting the fight against Daesh.
This is while Daesh lost all the territories under its control both in Syria and neighboring Iraq late last year. The US had earlier said it would leave Syria after the defeat of the terror group, but it has so far refused to do so.

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