Syrian Army amasses forces to storm last rebel stronghold in East Ghouta

Huge forces from different formations of the Syrian Army are being deployed outside Douma ahead of a full-scale operation to re-claim the last rebel-held city in East Ghouta.
Jaysh al-Islam; the largest rebel faction in East Ghouta region had previously lost great numbers of its militants during battles with the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces in Hawsh al-Dawahiyrah, al-Shifuniyah and Mesraba.
The Saudi-backed group was heavily counting on Hawsh al-Dawahiyrah town as the first and most invincible defense line. However, once liberated by the Syrian Army, it became much easier to make substantial advances down to al-Shifuniyah town.
Earlier, Jaysh al-Islam denied engaging in negotiations with Russia to accept an evacuation deal following the example of other towns in East Ghouta.
The reinforcements being amassed outside Douma will also put the Islamist militants under press and psychological pressure since there is zero chance for them to hold their positions against the sweeping power of the government troops.