Ghouta Map : Over 7,500 people to be transported from East Ghouta to Idlib

The second batch of militants and their families are expected to be transported from the East Ghouta region to the Idlib Governorate tomorrow, the Syrian military reported this afternoon.
According to the report, over 1,500 militants from Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham and 6,000 of their family members are expected to be transported from Harasta to the Idlib Governorate on Thursday morning.
The militants and their families will be transported in two batches to the Idlib Governorate; this will be supervised by the Syrian Red Crescent Society.
The Syrian military offered to allow the 1,500 militants to stay in the East Ghouta region; however, they would have to turn in their weapons and settle their cases with a reconciliation committee – the militants refused.
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