HTS on retreat as new rebel alliance dominates western Aleppo – report

As the infighting enters the 8th consecutive day, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) cited that the Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) fighters have withdrew from the entire western section of Aleppo province.
According to the SOHR, The HTS forced to move towards the Idlib province, retreating from the regiment 47, Al-Mohandessin, Tadil, Sheikh Ali, Kafr Halab, Kafr Nasih, Kafr Karmin, Al-Tawameh, Al-Sahara, Kafrnaha, Khan Al-Asal, Al-Muhamiyyin , after they withdrew yesterday from Darat Izza area.
With 8 days of the infighting between HTS and the new rebel alliance of “Jabhat Tahrir Soria” militants, more than 156 fighters were killed, 94 belong to HTS as 62 to the other alliance, as 200 injured from both sides, Syrian observatory cited on Monday.
On the other side if the infighting, HTS militants were capable – yesterday – to seize enormous amount of tanks from the new rebel alliance in northern Idlib.

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