Hama Map Update | Syrian Army seizes more villages in Eastern Hama countryside

Following the military operations by Syrian Army against ISIS militants in Hama countryside , the Syrian Army has expanded control after heavy clashes with ISIS .
Backed by Russian air forces the Syrian units took control of three new villages in the northeastern countryside of Hama , Military source told Muraselon .
The source said that the army units in cooperation with the popular defense groups, engaged in violent clashes with Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in the besieged enclave in the northeastern countryside of Hama.
The clashes ended with regaining control of the villages Tlayhan , Abu Kusour and Ayban .
The engineering units dismantled the IEDs and mines planted by Daesh in the roads, the main streets and among the citizens’ houses, while the army units consolidated their military points there and conducted intensive strikes against the remaining terrorists fled to the neighboring villages.

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