French, Spanish YPG fighters killed by clashes in Afrin region

Kurdish officials have announced the death of two foreign fighters volunteered in the ranks of the YPG, killed in clashes against the Turkish army in Afrin region.
According to the YPG reports, the killed fighters are Hv. Kendal Breizh from (France) and Hv. Baran Galicia from (Spain), they were both killed in Afrin region probably by Turkish airstrikes.
The YPG sources released pictures of the dead international fighters too.
In a related story, Reizan Hedu, a representative of the Kurdish self-defense forces in Afrin, claimed that the Turkish army is using internationally-banned arms in its military operation in the Syrian region.
Furthermore, the Turkish military has installed six observation points (monitoring centers) applying the terms of “Astana 6” in Idlib province.