BREAKING Map : Elite Syrian troops begin storming eastern Ghouta region.

Military sources told Muraselon that the government troops spearheaded by Tiger Forces have just initiated ground operation in the eastern Ghouta region, east of Damascus


The source confirmed that the army forces start storming the years-long opposition-held area of Al-Nashabiyah and other areas which located southeastern Ghouta region.
Propelled by the Syrian & Russian aerospace forces, the ground troops make its first push since the early years of the war towards the eastern Ghouta from the eastern axis
Military source told Muraselon that the Syrian Army troops managed to control Over Nashabiyah , Tall farzat , Al-Salheha and Harzama after heavy clashes with militants .


Worthy to mention that the recent advancements come after two days of bombarding conducted by Syrian artillery and rockets launchers.