Afrin Map Update : Turkish Army, rebels capture more areas in Afrin

According to the map published by Muraselon, Turkish forces and loyal rebels were able to capture the following:
1- The villages of Arab Weeran, Der Al-Sawwan, and Eki Dam on Sharan axis
2- The villages of Zaytuna, Shaltah, Okanli, Sharqanli, Horani, Hayani, Hyama, and Sorani on Bulbul axis
3- The villages of Hobkan, Hajikanli, al-Drushiya, Hasan Kowkli, and Al-Deqla on Raju axis
4- The villages of Madaya, Jabal Qalaa, Buyout al-Stouf, Qila, Tal Qila, Tal Mercedes, Marwan Tahtani, Marwan Fuqani, and Haljaka on Jandaris axis
Perhaps the most significant advance the Turkish forces managed to achieve after a month of operations is the opening of the supply route between Azaz and Bulbula after securing the villages overlooking the road.
Afrin witnessed today the entry of Syrian popular forces through the Ziyyara crossing to support the locals in their fight against the Turkish aggression.
The Turkish Armed Forces and their allied rebels had begun their offensive against the Kurdish forces on January 20 of the current year, suffering huge losses in manpower and equipment.

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