Breaking Map: Syrian Army breaks through HTS defenses, liberates five villages in southern Idlib

The elite Syrian Army’s Tiger forces continue its wide-scale military operations in the southern countryside of Idlib province, destroying HTS defenses , capturing more areas .

Military source told Muraselon that the Army units managed to advance north-west of the strategic town Abo Dalli , liberates new three villages

The SAA liberated “Abo Omar” , “Jadueyah” and “Salomyah” hamlets that located in north-west of Abo Dalli village after heavy clashes with “HTS”  and “Jaish Al-Ezza” militants .

Elsewhere in Idlib battleground, the “Tiger forces” liberated the the strategic town Atshan and Tall Zaater village after heavy clashes with “HTS” .

Syrian social media analyst told Muraselon that “obviously the pro-rebel media outlets are posting fake news of Syrian Army advancement that would return with fake victories on the ground.


The military source denied that the Syrian Army stormed “Tall Skiek” as the artillery targeting “HTS” inside the village. However, opposition media said that HTS militants recaptured it.