Syria Map update | Syrian Army makes huge advance Towards Al-Bukamal .

The government troops – spearheaded by the Tiger Forces – resumed its military campaign towards last Islamic sate bulwark of the bordering city of Al-Bukamal.

Military source confirmed to Muraslon website , that the Elite Syrian Army Tiger forces managed to make huge advance Southeast of Al-Mayadeen Towards Al-Bukamal .

The Syrian Army -Tiger forces – backed by Russian Air forces liberated 30 km east its Sites in Al-Mayadeen , in  desert areas Towards Al-Bukamal , the source added .

The troops are now in sites west of Salhiya village , only 35 km Al-Bukamal , the source told Murselon .

Earlier , The Syrian army and its allies withdrew from Al-Bukamal  due to ISIS counter-attack , The troops are now in the south and west areas of the city ( Map )

VIDEO | Russian Air-Force Delivers Concentrated Airstrikes Against ISIS Near Al-Bukamal

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