Exclusive: Syrian Army secures more areas west of Hama-Aleppo highway

Private information received from the southern battleground of Aleppo countryside saying that the Syrian Forces have managed to knock out Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham ‘HTS’ jihadists from key village located south of Khanasser.

On Thursday, The government troops took control over Al-Rashadiyah village stationed on the western flank of the vital Hama-Aleppo road, only 6 km to the south of the strategic juncture town of Khanasser.

Few days ago, – at the same region – 18 km south of Khanasser, the Army backed by allies were able to regain control over ‘Al-Khala’, ‘Ubaisan’ hamlets and the hilltop of ‘Sawwan’ from Hay’at Tahrir Alsham group.

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