Syria Map Update | Syrian Army makes fresh gains in Eastern Bank of Dier Ezzor

Aiming to expel the self-proclaimed group of the Islamic state, the Syrian Army ,this morning, stormed the terrorist’s defensive lines in Hatleh Foqani neighborhood in the eastern side of Euphrates River

Assisted by the Russian airstrikes, the government forces managed to liberate Htala village both of ( Foqani and Tahtani ) , and pushed west to Salhiya village, Military Source told Muraselon

The army units restored al-Halbia roundabout in al-Sahlyhia area on the northern entrance of Deir Ezzor city and continued their operations in the direction of al-Siasya Bridge.

The source added that the Syrian Troops have managed to liberate Dier Ezzor – Al-Hasaka Road till Al-Halabiyeh roundabout ( Map ) , noting that all ISIS supply routes deployed in neighborhoods of the Dier Ezzor city and Huajet Saker had been cut off due to the army’s advance.

Meanwhile, local sources in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor said that ISIS terrorists executed a person in Abu Hamam village and hanged his body to terrorize the locals who are trying to flee away from the areas where ISIS positioned.


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