Syria Map Update | Syrian Army liberates Al-Mayadeen , Dier Ezzor . Full Report .

On 1 October The government troops – spearheaded by the Tiger forces – had launched an operation against the Islamic state at Deir Ezzor- Al Mayadeen highway along the Euphrates river to liberate Al-Mayadeen .

The Syrian Troops managed to advance 30 km In the desert from its sites near Thirddah mount in Deir Ezzor along of Deir Ezzor -Al-Mayadeen Road to hills which located in front of Al-Mayadeen city , then Stormed the city from 2 Axis ( Northern and southern ) .

After heavy clashes with Islamic state , The Syrian Army managed to liberate northern neighborhoods and southern neighborhoods , which made SIS bastion under siege from the northern and southern axes .

The Islamic state found itself facing two options: withdrawal through the Euphrates to the East Bank or get destroyed by the Elite Syrian Army – Tiger forces .

During past two days, the latest militants of ISIS started withdrawal to east bank of the Euphrates river using boats , However , Russian & Syrian Jets managed to destroy most of boats , Which prompted a ISIS to escape by swimming at night to the Eastern Bank .

Many civilians and families have exit from Al-Mayadeen through safe corridors opened  by Syrian Army during last week .

Today 14 October , Military source confirmed to Muraselon website that the Syrian units -Tiger Forces -Backed by Russian Air Force – have fully liberated AL-Mayadeen , Dozens of  ISIS militants were killed and others wounded during The military operation to liberate AL-Mayadeen

The engineering units are clearing the controlled areas to dismantle the IEDs and booby traps planted by ISIS.

During clearing the controlled areas , The Syrian Army found huge Weapons stores and military equipment , Which could not be Transferred to the East Bank .

Russian & Syrian Air forces continuously targeting ISIS Sites in Eastern Bank of the Euphrates River

See the First video from the recently-liberated al-Mayadeen city released

Source : Muraselon

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