Al-Mayadeen Map Update | Syrian Army makes fresh gains south of Al-Mayadeen , Dier Ezzor

The Syrian troops – spearheaded by elite tiger forces – resumed its strict mission to seize the largest ISIS stronghold of Al-Mayadeen city.

Military source told Muraselon website, today ,that Tiger forces , Supported by the Russian Air force Managed to liberate Al-Mayadeen airport  which located southeast of Al-Rahba Castle .

Moments ago ,The military source confirmed to Muraselon that the Syrian Army advanced southern of  Al-Mayadeen towards Kharafi farms and liberated it .

by this advance , it seems the Tiger forces want to siege  Al-Mayadeen by cutting its military supply from the south Axis.

Earlier today , Russian mod confirmed that the Russian Air Force targeted Islamic State reinforcements coming from Iraq to the vicinity of the town of Abu Kamal near Iraq-Syria border , Russian Air Force also targeted ISIS near Al-Mayadeen killed up to 80 terrorists .



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