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We targeted — and severely damaged — bulk carrier sailing to Israeli ports : Yemeni forces

The naval, missile, and UAVs forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out a specific military operation targeting the ship (TUTOR) in the Red Sea, using an unmanned surface boat, number of drones, and ballistic missiles, The military spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces, Yahya Saree, said in a statement published on Wednesday.

The operation led to the ship being seriously damaged, vulnerable to sinking, thanks to Allah.

The ship was targeted because the company that owns the ship has violated the decision to ban entry into the ports of occupied Palestine.


The Yemeni Armed Forces carried out two joint military operations alongside the Iraqi Islamic Resistance.

The first operation used winged missiles that struck critical target in Ashdod, while the second used drones against a key target in Haif.
Both operations have successfully achieved their objectives.

The Yemeni Armed Forces warn all companies of the consequences of dealing with the Israeli enemy and of the arrival of their ships to the ports of occupied Palestine, otherwise they will be targeted in the area of operations of the Armed Forces, as previously annonced.

Earlier today , UKMTO has received a report of an incident 66NM southwest of Al Hudaydah, Yemen

The report said that A Vessel was hit on the stern by a small craft. The description of small craft white in colour and 5-7 metres in length ,

The Master reports the vessel is taking on water, and not under command of the crew , UKMTO added .

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