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Lebanon to sue UK’s Telegraph over allegations of Hezbollah missile storage at Beirut Airport

The Lebanese government announced, on Monday, its intention to sue the British newspaper “The Telegraph” following the publication of a report claiming that Hezbollah is storing Iranian missiles at Beirut Airport.

In a press conference held at Beirut International Airport, Lebanese Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamieh stated, “We have discussed with the government the necessary legal measures to be taken against ‘The Telegraph’ for the moral damage it has caused, not only to the airport but to all of Lebanon and the Lebanese people.”

Hamieh added, “We have moved from aerial violations to psychological warfare through ‘silly’ written articles. What is happening is a distortion of the image of Beirut Airport, and we are considering taking legal action.”


He affirmed, “Beirut Airport meets all international standards, is open to everyone, and we will file a lawsuit against ‘The Telegraph’.”

Lebanese Minister of Information also commented, “Beirut Airport has not been affected by what ‘The Telegraph’ published.”

On Sunday, the Lebanese government denied the claims made by “The Telegraph” that Hezbollah is storing weapons and missiles at Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut, calling the newspaper’s report “lies.”

The Telegraph had reported, citing airport workers, that “Hezbollah is storing large quantities of Iranian weapons, missiles, and explosives at the main civilian airport in Beirut.”

The report mentioned that the stockpile includes “Falaq” unguided artillery rockets, “Fateh-110” short-range missiles, road-mobile ballistic missiles, and “M600” missiles with a range of 150 to 200 miles (240 to 321 kilometers).

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